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About Zoe

Zoe Sykes, wearing mask

Zoe Sykes is an artist...Her art is full of playful creatures and vivid colors. With her painting, she creates whimsical images that are sure to delight the viewers. 

She was born in Valencia, California but lives in Mandeville, Louisiana. Since she was little, she has been interested in art, with one of her greatest inspirations being her own father, Valek Sykes, who is an artist himself. Over time, she developed her own surreal style of painting, which she considers to possibly be the most honest expression of herself. 

In addition to art, Zoe has many hobbies and is always trying to learn new things. She enjoys writing and is in the process of learning guitar. 

Currently, she attends the University of Evansville, majoring in Archaeology. This is another area of interest she has maintained since childhood and hopes to possibly pursue a career in museum work while also maintaining her artistic goals. 

  • Zoe Sykes, instagram page: porthos_sykes
  • Facebook-Zoe Sykes
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