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Titled, "Catgrass," this is a whimsical and playful image of a cat exploring the life hidden within the tall grass. This piece was inspired by the beauty of nature, which, being so ordinary, is often overlooked, yet at times I believe can appear almost like a place in dreams. In this simple but delightful painting, I wanted to capture the calming aspect of nature as well as the curiosity that we all have towards it. My hope with this painting, as with all my others, was to create an image that would bring people joy and, perhaps with this particular piece, to encorage people to see the small but beautiful things that exist around us, just as the cat in this painting has. 

Catgrass, by Zoe Sykes

SKU: 0002
  • This is a print of an original work by Zoe Sykes. It is printed on 300gsm heavy cotton art paper.

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